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09100 Ukraine, Kiev region, Belaya Tserkov city, Gayok st. 4a

mobile number + 380673697724
Sale department +380456312134

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Shaps of the products

A corrugated hose is made for sowing import and native production. It doesn't crack by Solar beams like PVC plastic-сorrugated . Thanks to a the big amount Гофрированых изгибов 50 шт and increased length from 450 to 500 mm. There are also details made of material for tropical with a guarantee 6 years.

There is a latch for installation into a box for supply of the grain or another material. It withstands temperatures from -30 to 120℃.

Rubber handles for for farm machinery, carts, bicycles.


1. Rubber handles

Rubber handle for carts. Handle diameters are 19, 22, 25, 27, 32 mm. Strong handles have got bumpers on their edges for fixation hand.
The handles are soft, white and black. The handles have got slots outside for sweat. Length can be 110 mm.

3. Rollers and tires.
You can get sizes of the rollers and tires by sending a message to