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Rubber coatings

Light gray, green, red, white rubber crumb. The crumb designed for rubber coatings. It gives good and strong rubber сrust. The crumb doesn't has smell of the rubber and the crumb sells in bags of 25 kg..

1. Modified crumb is ready to manufacture without using glu.

Process of getting rubber coatings by using hot vulcanization of any surface. You can get very good results by applying the coating to a metal surface. For example applying to a deck. Expenditure of the modified crumb to 1 sq. M = 4,5 kg with thickness of the coating 10 mm. Which is two times less than the samples from the tire crumbs or EPDM.

The modified crumb costs 16,80 VAT

Rubber coatings for pavements and sports grounds made of rubber compositional crumb. They don't tear and don't take up water. They have got anti-slip properities and they don't blow after Winter

2. Rubber tile made of crumb.

It is useful for food processing industry, coatings for meat plants, dairies, processing enterprises. Garanty of coatings is 5 years.


Size and form is 
Rubber tile made of crumb:
Green, red, grey-granit
Size of the tile is 500mmx500mmX10m